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The DISNEY Adventure

The World Is Your Playground...Where do you want to go?



Whether you're looking for great, care-free beach days, amazing exotic food palettes, exciting excursions where you'll be in touch with wildlife and nature...there's an absolutely perfect Caribbean island for you and your family/friends!



No matter where you go in Europe, history will always be all around you...Roman Ruins, Timeless Art, War Relics, Religious Monuments, Medieval Castles...  Paris, Prague, Barcelona, Venice, London...evey city in Europe has its own unique feeling and experiences! If you love festivals - whether it's beer festivals in Germany or bull running in Spain, you will find a great festival to attend!



Africa holds some of the most beautiful tropical beaches in the world, vibrant cities, safari experiences, geological wonders, ancient history, and unique landscapes! The tropical beaches on the small island of Zanzibar boasts clear azure waters, white coral sand, treking up Africa's highest peaks oof Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, or experiencing lots of divig and snorkeling opportunities...just to name a few...

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What makes Asia special???!!! First of all, Asia is the home to some of the world's oldest cultures, fascinating architures, beautiful landscapes, delicious gourmet foods, and kind and friendly people with a love of life! Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world whch features exhiliaratiing energy and unrivaled shopping scenes! Bali has such profound natural beauty that travelers refer to the Indonesian destination as "heaven on Earth"! Singapore is a fusion of colorful neighborhoods, eclectic culinary scenes  and modern atmosphere...a true melting pot of Asian cultures!



Stunning beaches, iconic architecture, remarkable wildlife, underground town, pink lakes, the world's largest fringing reef, ancient rainforets, compelling history are part of this beautiful countryl From the bustling streets of its city of Sydney to the sweeping landscapes of the Outback, be ready to be charmed by Australia's carefree attitude and incredible appetite for adventure. Australia is a dream destination filled with surprises, natural wonders and friendly locals. 

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ICanada's natural beauty is almost unparalleled worldwide - from its mountains and glaciers to its secluded lakes and forests! Canada's cities are clean, safe, friendly, and multicultural. Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver are some of the best known but there are so many others that showcast the different aspects of Canada, such as its French history, mountainous landscape, its maritime culture, or its indigenous people. 

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